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Learning & speaking German is no longer a big deal! Yes! Max Mueller Institute aims at providing world-class training for the German language. If you are a student planning to pursue higher education in Germany or willing to advance your career in Germany, then it’s high time to learn German.



Around Eating- Talk about food & restaurant, Eating habits, introduction about yourself and other people.

GRAMMAR: Possessivartikel im dativ, Reflexive verben


After School- Learn about the German school system. Determine about various types of schools in Germany. Furthermore, Understanding and giving tips about the city.   

GRAMMAR: Wechselpräpositionen


Media – Advantages and disadvantages of social media, observation about motion pictures.

GRAMMAR: Komparativ and Superlativ


Expression of feelings and emotions- Learn how to speak about your feelings, about festivals, understanding blogs, and cultural expressions.

GRAMMAR: Negation with “kein/e/er”


Day today life- Learning about ticket counters and train travel, expressing career aspirations, working worlds. 

GRAMMAR: Verb werden, Präpositionen


Pretty Mobile- Expressing uncertainty, newspaper article, All about travel, trip information

GRAMMAR: Lokale Präpositionen , Indirekte fragen


Learned is learned- understanding about everyday working life, radio reports, learning problems, presentation making. 

GRAMMAR: Genitive case, Temporal präpositionen


Zeal and enthusiasm experience- How to express enthusiasm, hope and disappointments formulation of consequences.

GRAMMAR: Verben mit  dativ und akkusativ


Living together- How to complain, apologize, talk about pets, write and correct a story (story making). 

GRAMMAR: Konjunktiv 2 


Good Entertainment- Talk about various styles of music, concert ticket, a musician, band , and all about entertainment. 

GRAMMAR: Interrogative Artikel , Relativsätze im Nominativ 


How the time flies – talk about desires, express wishes, plan together something, give advice.

GRAMMAR: W-fragen mit präpositionen,  konjunktiv 2


Behavioral science- Information about different cultures, talk about behavior, appropriate solutions. Talk about cliché’s

GRAMMAR: Relativsätze im Akkusativ






Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple sentences which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs

Can introduce him/herself and others as well as. For example, where they live, who they know and what they own and much more. Can respond to questions related to day to day communication

Learn German in Deutsch way! WhatsApp A1 at +91-9899984123 .



Jam Sessions & GAMES

Jam sessions, a dynamic art program for teens and young adults offer the opportunity to develop their skills. It is conducted to improve student’s communication skills. Helps introverts and shy students to take initiative in the class.

Exclusive Study Material

Since many of our students appear in the examination each day and therefore get to interface with the real questions which have appeared in exams recently. So we develop a questionnaire discussing the same in the upcoming learning sessions.

Tailor-made learning

Suitable learning for every child aims to customize learning according to each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Each student gets a learning plan that is based on what he knows and how he learns the best.

Performance monitored

Regular mock tests are conducted to assess the performance of the students. Enabling students to pursue further levels, cleared with all the basics.