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Learning & speaking German is no longer a big deal! Yes! Max Mueller Institute aims at providing world-class training for the German language. If you are a student planning to pursue higher education in Germany or willing to advance your career in Germany, then it’s high time to learn German.



Exceptional Trip- Talk about likes and dislikes, Conversation with travel agency, hotel descriptions.

GRAMMAR: Verb lassen und  infinitive mit zu


Everything new- Understand about new technology and devices, talk about buying, reason and counter reason. Talk about advertisements. 

GRAMMAR: Genitiv präpositionen


Turning Points- Talk about quotes, radio show, historical events tips and understanding, turning points in life.

GRAMMAR: Präteritum, temporal prepositions, folgen ausdrucken, deshalb….usw 


Working world- Conversation at work, expressing apologize, unreal telephonic conversation response to apologizes.

GRAMMAR: konjunktiv ii, modalverben


Environmental friendly- Talk about environmental protection, talk about weather, story writing.

GRAMMAR: komparativ  and superlativ vor substantive, (N- declination)


Looking forward- Talk about plan and resolution, understanding newspaper text, about your own city, understand about songs.

GRAMMAR: Relativ satz , future tense- I


Relationship boxes- understand forum posts, time sequences, talk about conflicts, introducing celebrities, talk about fables. 

GRAMMAR: Plusquamperfekt


From Head to Toe- Speak about offerings, accepting , refusing helps, warn someone, talk about music, feelings and school

GRAMMAR: Reflexive pronomens im  akkusativ and dative and ( Zweiteilige konnektoren)


Art Tricks- Describing people and things in detail, tal about plays, understanding true works of art, in the exhibition, and conversation with the director.

GRAMMAR: Adjektive deklination ohne artikel


Together- Learn about social commitments, talk about projects, politics, Europe social valves

GRAMMAR: Passiv Prasens


About life in cities- Talk about cities, towns, city attractions, traffic, opinions about city rankings , special culture of koln (cologne).

GRAMMAR: Artikel worter als pronomen, relative pronomen was und wo 


Money makes the world go around- conversations in the bank, talk about bank, money, globalization, and talk about conscience.

GRAMMAR: Partizip I Und Partizip 2






Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple sentences which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs

Can introduce him/herself and others as well as. For example, where they live, who they know and what they own and much more. Can respond to questions related to day to day communication

Learn German in Deutsch way! WhatsApp A1 at +91-9899984123 .



Jam Sessions & GAMES

Jam sessions, a dynamic art program for teens and young adults offer the opportunity to develop their skills. It is conducted to improve student’s communication skills. Helps introverts and shy students to take initiative in the class.

Exclusive Study Material

Since many of our students appear in the examination each day and therefore get to interface with the real questions which have appeared in exams recently. So we develop a questionnaire discussing the same in the upcoming learning sessions.

Tailor-made learning

Suitable learning for every child aims to customize learning according to each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Each student gets a learning plan that is based on what he knows and how he learns the best.

Performance monitored

Regular mock tests are conducted to assess the performance of the students. Enabling students to pursue further levels, cleared with all the basics.